WordPress Upgrades

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WordPress Upgrades

The good news about WordPress is it is open source and is backed by a community of good people who love to code. The bad news about WordPress is it is open source and bad people who also like to code love to try and hack it.WordPress is safe and secure – but only if you keep it updated the the most current version. Let your WordPress core or plugins get out of date and you open yourself up to hackers, malware, and oodles and oodles of problems.

Why Worry if One Click Upgrades Exist?

A user can easily upgrade WordPress right from within their administration dashboard. It takes only a few seconds to do the upgrade process so the average person can easily install functional and security updates themselves.

The problem with this process is plugins and themes could have conflicts with the new WordPress code (or each other) and your website or blog could begin producing errors. The best way to prevent this is to have a complete backup of your MySQL database and files before beginning that upgrade process.

With a complete backup, you have the tools necessary to debug and fix anything that might go wrong during the upgrade. Even if this means reverting back to an older version of the plugin until a proper fix is in place.

Let Us Worry For You

Stop holding your breath while upgrading WordPress. Let us take the stress away from you by having our coding team  upgrade WordPress for you. We won’t just hit update, we’ll back up your MySQL database, files, and walk through the update of WordPress and plugins one at a time. That way we can check each plugin to make sure there are no issues and if something does happen to go wrong, we can help fix it.

Ready to Get Started?

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The information presented in the inquiry form is needed to safely and securely upgrade your WordPress website and applicable plugins. You may complete the information now or you may use this list to prepare for your upgrade.